Abu Mulandi

Cerean Guardian



Name: Abu Mulandi
Race: Cerean
World: Unknown
Homeworld: Cerea
Career: Guardian – Soresu Defender
Character Sheet: Abu Mulandi Character Sheet


As a boy, Abu’s parents could tell he was “gifted”. He always seemed to be a step ahead of other children of his age; always winning at games and able to talk his way out of situations. As the years went by Abu’s father, Jin, realized he could always talk himself out of chores and listening to his parents, no matter how much his father implored. Jin decided to send Abu to the Jedi Council on Coruscant for testing to see if he was trainable in the Jedi arts.

However fate had another course for Abu. On his way to the council, the freighter transporting Abu was ambushed by pirates. Enslaved, Abu spent the years meditating and sparring with sticks. He believed that if he could focus his mind and gifts that it would eventually lead to his friend.

The years went by as Abu waited for the right moment to escape when the pirates attempted to raid a ship too big for them to over take. Abu convinced his guards to release him and turn over what he found on the freighter to the council. All that Abu could escape with was a padded shirt, a crudely built training saber, a dull and serrated sword, and a handful of credits. Abu snuck on board the larger craft during the battle until the ship reached dock at its destination. Finally, for the first time since he was a young boy, Abu found freedom. Unfortunately, while gifted in the force, he knew he was too old to be considered for padawanship with the Jedi Council.

Major Events & Interactions

  • Narrowly escaped the crash of the Mynock over Ord Mantell

Abu Mulandi

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