Age of the Force

Destruction of the Mynock

The Saga Begins

It is the Great Clone war and the Galaxy is in an all out civil war. Wars, occupations, and political treachery is breaking out all across the known universe. The crew of the Mynock, a medium size transport ship are on their way to Ord Mantell on a humanitarian mission to bring food and raw materials to the planet. However, standing between the crew and the world below is a Separatist armada that is blockading the world in an effort to force a shift of allegiance on the key Mid Rim world.

Not all of the Mynock’s crew signed on for humanitarian efforts only. One small band of crew members are a part of The Republic’s mercenary battalion. These 3 soldiers, Dister, Abu, & Gnut, are currently on a mission to deliver an encrypted holo to a mysterious figure named Palo Jill who was last seen in Worlport on Ord Mantell. However, their mission was complicated as the Mynock was detected by the Separatist fleet who immediately opened fire on the Mynock.

The crew of the Mynock was barely able to make it to their escape pods alive. As the 6 escape pods rocketed towards the world below the fleet began to turn its turbo cannons on the escape pods. One by one escape pods fell. However, with a bit of quick thinking and some luck, Dister, Abu, & Gnut were able to make it to the surface basically unscathed.

They made their way to Worlport in an attempt to find Palo Jill which eventually led them to a shady character named Chulo. Protected by his body guards Niss and Racca, Chulo spent much of his time at the local casino, the Lady Fate. However, Fate was the Lady of our heroes in this particular encounter, as a well played hand of Sabacc led to Chulo revealing the location of Palo.


Sgt_Squiggles Sgt_Squiggles

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